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Urgent Call to Action | Letters Needed at New York Times



On September 28th, the New York Times published an Op-Ed from Steve E. Wright entitled “The Not-So-Green Mountains.” Wrights account of the Kingdom Community Wind project, now under construction in Lowell, VT is an affront to our extensive state regulatory process and undermines
the overwhelming public call for Vermont-based renewable energy generation.

Read the Op-Ed online

Earlier this month, Vermont’s Department of Public Service released a statewide draft Comprehensive Energy Plan outlining a path for Vermont to reach 90% renewable energy in less than 40 years. Following the major flooding events caused by Tropical Storm Irene, its clear that we need to be thinking about the long term viability and sustainability of our infrastructure in order to mitigate the effects of global climate change.

Send Letters to the Editor at New York Times

We urge the REV community to write letters to the editor at the New York Times, declaring your interest as a Vermonter to see the development of in-state renewable energy projects, like Kingdom Community Wind. Let us not allow this slander of Vermont’s extensive and effective existing regulatory framework.

Here are the details:

Letters should be no more than 150 words (two brief paragraphs) and must refer to entitled “The Not-So-Green Mountains,” by Steve E. Wright. Letters must include the writer’s address and phone numbers. Letters may be submitted electronically to
No attachments, please.

You may also wish to leave a comment directly on the New York Times website.

Thank you. Your voice is critical.

Gabrielle Stebbins, Executive Director, Renewable Energy Vermont (REV)
(802) 229-0099

1 comment to Urgent Call to Action | Letters Needed at New York Times

  • Stacy Burke

    The Lowell Wind Project is a perfect example of what happens when the Federal Goverment throws out opportunities to big corporations to gain tax credits without an efficient energy plan.

    This project is not only going to wreck havack on a prestine and fragile ridgeline but is not cost effective.
    This is suppose to creat enough electricity for 20-24 thousand homes at best. The project’s estimated cost is 160 million dollars.

    If the goverment wants to use our tax dollars efficiently why not give those 24 thousand homes a $10000.00 solar panel system that would create enough electricity to run a home? It is simple math! 24 thousand as compared to 160 million! They are our tax dollars and our environment that is being spent and wrecked!

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