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Recovery workers urged to use caution around utility lines

With so much activity taking place around overhead and underground electrical equipment in the wake of Hurricane Irene, Central Vermont Public Service is warning workers to be careful to avoid situations involving contact with these types of devices.

In some areas, utilities may have lost the ground-to-cable clearances they had prior to the flood. Vermont utilities urge all contractors and state and federal agencies to use caution along power lines, and encourage them to report any ‘defects’ to the utility systems, such as low-hanging lines, they may notice in the field.

Central Vermont Public Service offers the following tips to help contractors stay safe during the recovery:

  • Remember to stay at least 10 feet away from electrical lines with equipment such as crane booms and cables, excavators, backhoes and raised dump bodies.
  • Stay away from and do not handle any downed utility cables. Report such conditions to the power company, and keep others away as well. Do not assume that since they’re down that they’re de-energized. Do not try to move them out of your way; either by hand or with your equipment.
  • Please report any washed out or dangling poles and their support devices.
  • Please report any washed out underground utility cables and stay clear of them.
  • Please report any low-hanging utility cables and stay clear of them. Remember ground to overhead cable clearances may not be what they were prior to the flood.

To contact CVPS, call 800-649-2877.

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