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New Website Launched – where everyone affected by Irene can tell their story

BP Design just launched a new website where everyone affected by Irene can tell their story:

The goal of this site is to encourage more people to donate and volunteer to help their Vermont neighbors.

Sonya and Brad have been organizing groups of people to volunteer since the beginning of September. “When we travel to these areas and see the devastation firsthand, we see the need to get more people involved. Talking with homeowners and business owners inspired us to create this website to bring their stories to more people. When they tell their stories of loss and also how they have been helped, people who have not been to these areas will better understand the ongoing need”.

Please do what you can to spread the word about this site. And if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve it, post them on the site or email Brad Pettengill.

AND, if you have your own stories and photos, please post them. Early and often.

Special thanks to: Steve McIntyre and everyone at Marketing Partners for hosting the site and helping us create it; Jim and Larry at L. Brown and Sons Printing for the flyers we are passing out in affected communities to spread the word; and Mike at Pop Color for even more flyers to help spread the word.


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