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Clean Energy Development Fund Transitions To New Oversight

Montpelier, Vt – The Vermont Department of Public Service is pleased to announce the appointment of the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) board members, effective July 9, 2011.

The General Assembly established the CEDF in 2005 to promote the development of renewable energy and efficiency resources and, through this, to provide substantial economic and environmental benefits to Vermont. Since 2005, CEDF has awarded about $18 million dollars in grants and loans to municipalities, farms, colleges, small businesses and other project developers in every county in Vt.  This has resulted in the construction of farm digesters, solar photovoltaic arrays, wind turbines, hydroelectric and biomass projects in every county in Vermont, generating over 44.5 MWh. This is a substantial and positive economic impact for the State, as found by a recent study by Kavet, Rockler & Associates, LLC.

In accordance with the recently-enacted omnibus energy bill, the CEDF will become a program of the Department of Public Service.  The new CEDF Board will have approval authority with respect to the plans, budgets, and program designs for the Fund.  The Board will also serve in an advisory capacity to the Commissioner of the Department of Public Service on all other aspects related to the Fund.  Commissioner Elizabeth Miller is responsible for appointing three members of the CEDF Board; Representative Tony Klein and Senator Ginny Lyons,  the Chairs of the House and Senate Committees on Natural Resources and Energy, each appoint two members of the Board.

The following individuals have been appointed to the new CEDF Board:

  • Jo Bradley, Chief Executive Office of the Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA). VEDA works collaboratively with the Fund to provide underwriting and oversight for the CEDF loans. Bradley has served on the CEDF Board since its inception in January, 2007. Responsible for VEDA’s over $160 million in assets, Bradley has applied her substantial financial and community development skills to her service on the CEDF Board.
  •  Sam Swanson, Senior Policy Advisor at the Pace Energy and Climate Center (PECC) at Pace University and former Board President of Renewable Energy Vermont.  Swanson, with his strong renewable energy expertise, has been an integral member of the CEDF Board since October, 2007.
  • Gaye Symington, Executive Director of the High Meadows Fund. Symington served 12 years in the Vermont House, her last 2 years as Speaker. High Meadows provides grants and research opportunities towards the goals of reducing the reliance on fossil fuels, improving the sustainability and viability of agricultural enterprises, and encouraging vibrant and compact communities.
  • Patty Richards, Senior Consultant for La Capra Associates in Williston. Richards has worked in the energy industry for over 20 years on energy policy and economic analysis.  She previously served on the CEDF Board from its inception in 2007 until July 2009.
  • Elizabeth Caitlin,  an attorney and financial advisor who resides in Dummerston. Caitlin has many years of regional and local planning experience serving on and chairing planning commissions, including the Windham Regional Planning Commission and her local Dummerston board.
  • Jennifer Hollar, Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Economic, Housing and Community Development. Hollar will apply her Department’s expertise in energy as it relates to economic development, job creation, land use and the affordability and sustainability of Vermont homes.
  • William Wiquist, Green Mountain Club Executive Director. Wiquist brings both environmental stewardship skills and a strong public policy development background, based upon his work for both Congressman Peter Welch and Senator Bernie Sanders.
  • Senator Lyons, Chair of Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee enthusiastically supports the Clean Energy Development Fund appointments. Senator Lyons stated, “These folks will be a robust team, with expertise in renewable energy, economic development, and the environment. They will build on the strong foundation developed by previous Boards and continue to deploy Vermont’s renewable energy infrastructure.”  Representative Klein echoed that sentiment, noting that “the CEDF has contributed to the vitality of our economy and of our clean energy sector for the past several years, and the new Board will help sustain the CEDF into the future.” Commissioner Miller noted that the new Board would tackle the tough issues of strategic planning and long-term funding during the next year.

The Department also acknowledges the following outgoing Board members for their service: Mark Sinclair, Robert Dostis, Ellen Kahler, Mary Lintermann, Rich Sedano, Tom Evslin, and Elizabeth Pearce.  The time and dedication they contributed to the Clean Energy Development Fund is greatly appreciated and has resulted in many successes for the Fund.

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