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NHSEA announces RGGI Update: Veto. What’s next?

Governor John Lynch vetoed legislation yesterday which would ended NH’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). In his statement regarding the veto of SB154, Lynch wrote:

“RGGI was created as a bipartisan initiative in New Hampshire, and across the Northeast, to address shared economic and environmental concerns. Here in New Hampshire, Republicans, Democrats and Independents worked together to develop a two-part strategy: help families and businesses reduce their energy use through RGGI and increase our supplies of homegrown renewable energy through the Renewable Portfolio Standard.

I am vetoing this legislation because it will cost our citizens jobs, both now and into the future, hinder our economic recovery, and damage our state’s long-term economic competitiveness.”

It is believed that while the NH House has a veto-proof majority supporting repeal, the NH Senate does not have the votes to overturn. A bill to repeal NH’s participation in RGGI has already been filed for the next legislative session.

Click Here to read the Governor’s full statement on the veto.

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