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Is the Heat Wave G.E.T.ting to You? Here’s A Solution!

Hope you are able to keep cool during this heat wave. I am – no problem!

As I listened to the outages going on across the country on VPR this afternoon, I was thinking about how, being solar powered (at least off-grid*) is just the opposite of the rest of the world. The extra high demand for electricity to cool down everyone’s surroundings happens just as the Solar is just doing it’s absolute best job of producing an abundance of electricity.

I just happen to be 100% solar powered (off-grid) and am making so much energy that an air conditioner could be running all day long and then, when it cools at night, & when one doesn’t need it, I’d turn it off and use fans if the night continues to be a bit warm for comfort.  Perfect.

Thusly, I have come up with the solution: It is necessary for EVERYONE to GO Solar!   What do you think?  You with me on this? By being solar powered – my peak hours are totally in line with this heat and need for more electricity to cool ones place.    What a solution for our country…

*On-grid Solar applications, would be adding so much extra to the grid, that if more  folks were solar powered, there probably would not be any outages..  So, I deem it necessary for us all to take the plunge and take advantage of the wonderful incentives, lower solar prices, low interest rates and think about your future when you will have no more electric bills!

And… a well insulated home to start with with proper overhangs for shading in the summer help more than you realize!

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