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Zero Energy Multi-Use Building Open House in Enfield, NH

Historic Enfield House Renovated to Zero Energy Multi-Use Building

Saturday, June 25th, from 10am-2pm, the Enfield Energy Emporium will have a grand opening in its new energy efficient building at 78 Main St. in Enfield, NH. The building was once the home chrome://foxytunes-public/content/signatures/signature-button.pngof the Leviston brothers who ran a tannery in the late 1800’s. The Leviston House is a contributing structure in the Enfield Village National Historic District registry.

For many years in the 1900’s the house was a multi-family dwelling. It had been unoccupied for the last 12 years after a fire had destroyed a portion of the third floor. The Enfield Village Association (EVA) purchased it and began demolition and renovations in 2005. The building’s shell, the slate roof and the stone foundation were all preserved and EVA rebuilt the front porch to match the original building.

Kimberley Quirk purchased the building in 2009 with the goal to renovate this historic structure to a Zero Energy Building — all of the heat, hot water and electricity is provided by renewable sources, in this case, mostly the sun. Kim’s business, the Energy Emporium will be located in the first floor and her home in the apartment above.

“Becoming less dependent on fossil fuels and foreign oil was my number one goal for this building. I didn’t know if it was really possible to get to 100% independence, but now that I’ve moved in, and am gathering data of all energy usage, I think it is possible. I also followed the guidelines for LEED-H (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Homes), paying careful attention to the environment during construction, water use, energy use, and air quality. This project has really opened my eyes to all the choices that home-owners can make to reduce their energy costs, improve their environment and take real steps towards self-sustainability.”

Dolores Struckhoff, Executive Director of the Enfield Village Association added, “Much like the spirit of past Main Street entrepreneurs, Kim will have her home and her business in the same building. She has taken a shell of a building on Enfield’s Main Street and turned it into a model of today’s “green” construction. The Enfield Village Association and the Town of Enfield are very excited to have her and her business locate here. Kim and the Enfield Energy Emporium are just what we need to jump start future growth and economic development on Main Street and in Enfield. We wish her well.”

John W. Kluge, Selectmen’s Representative to the Enfield Village Association:

“It has been exciting to see the work that the Enfield Village Association did in the early stages of this property, and then to see Kim Quirk turn it into an environmental showplace on our Main Street: not only does she sell environmental products, but the building itself is a state of the art example of environmentally sound construction. This will be a fine anchor for the future of our Main Street.”

Come learn more about this historic, energy efficient renovation, at the open house. You can also read about it at the Energy Emporium website:

Energy Emporium
78 Main St
Enfield, NH 03748

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