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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Solar Panels on the capitol building

We received this exciting opportunity from Climate Action Now, that is active in making change happen! If you do not know of them, be sure to ck out their website and join in to help wherever you find the urge/need to do so!

A message from April Hillman to all members of Shumlin’s Solar Panels on Climate Action Now!

“Hey everyone!

So, today I got an awesome message from Bob Rea in Montpelier. He wants to meet with myself, a few other people who work for the capitol, and any other activists who want to be involved in the project. He says there are a variety of places on the capitol building that could hold one or two solar panels. If anyone is interested, let me know asap! Send me an email with dates you can meet too!

Thanks guys! So excited for this project!”

Visit Shumlin’s Solar Panels at:

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