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Jim Grundy, Small-scale Solar Pioneer

The staff of Green Energy Times has received the sad news of solar leader Jim Grundy’s passing with heavy hearts.

Jim was an all-around nice guy, with an exceptional dedication to small-scale solar installations. He focused on enabling ordinary Vermonters to take advantage of the sun’s bounty via his company Elemental Energy.

He also co-founded Renewable Energy Vermont, an organization whose mission is to promote renewable energy in Vermont, and strengthen the industry, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and expanding the availability of renewable sources of power in Vermont.

His dedication, leadership, integrity, and hard work will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts are with his loved ones.

2 comments to Jim Grundy, Small-scale Solar Pioneer

  • Dawna Ryan

    Eight years ago Jim installed a small photovoltaic system at my home in Central Vermont. Prior to that I had lived by lantern light and candle light. When we first turned on the power, Jim was standing under a light fixture in the basement and it was his suddenly-illumated beaming face, framed in his blonde crown of hair, that ushered me into a lifestyle with electricity. I’m glad Jim brought it to me, teaching me how to maintain it myself. To say he will be sorely missed by those of us whose life he so benefitted is an understatement.

  • michael wadleigh

    the news of jim’s death is shocking, so young, so to be missed, so important for the future sustainable development of humanity. i’m an oscar winner, ten years ago jim designed and installed solar energy for our very small island, it has functioned perfectly ever since. our experience with jim as a person and a sustainable evangelist and scientist could not have been better. it is terrible news that all of us who were his friends and fellow idealists have lost him

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