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Governor to sign the Vermont Energy Act of 2011 on May 25th in So. Burlington

Vt. Governor to sign energy bill at the commissioning of a 150kW solar array in S. Burlington, May 25

Join REV as Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signs into law the Vermont Energy Act of 2011!

  • Date: May 25, 2011
  • Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
  • Location: So. Village Communities, 130 Allen Road East, S. Burlington, VT.

H.56, The Vermont Energy Act of 2011 continues Vermont’s efforts to promote a green economy and energy independence. It expands and improves Vermont’s successful net metering program which allows Vermont ratepayers to generate their own energy with renewable systems and run their meter backwards when producing excess power. Recognizing the peak power savings of net metered solar, the new bill creates a financial incentive to catalyze more net metered solar by requiring utilities to offer a 20¢ credit to solar net metering customers for the energy they produce.

Governor Peter Shumlin is slated to sign the bill on May 25 at the commissioning of a 150kW solar array at the Farm at South Village in S. Burlington developed by Burlington-based Encore Redevelopment

    and installed by Alteris Renewables. The array will provide carbon-free electricity for 100% of the Farm at South Village* and South Village Community’s energy consumption needs. The array will also provide clean energy to the City of South Burlington for the City’s traffic lights.Martha Staskus, Chair of the Board of Renewable Energy Vermont (REV), the primary organization that supported and promoted this legislation says the bill helps keep Vermont on the map as a leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency. “The bill will spur the development of new local renewable energy, produce economic growth, and continue to grow clean jobs.”

    The bill also prevents a gap in funding for the successful Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF). This fund makes it more affordable for Vermont homeowners and businesses to install small-scale renewable energy systems.

    The bill includes expansions Vermont’s existing Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) districts, a program that allows towns to offer loans to homeowners looking to make energy efficiency retrofits. Other provisions provide incentives for consumers looking to install high efficiency biomass heating systems. It also establishes low sulfur and biofuel mandates for heating oil sold in Vermont, timed to match implementation by surrounding states.

    About Renewable Energy Vermont (REV)
    REV is a nonprofit, nonpartisan trade association representing nearly 300 businesses, individuals, colleges and others committed to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and expanding the availability of renewable sources of energy in Vermont. REV works as the only advocacy organization dedicated solely to advancing renewable energy and efficiency in the state.

    As always, stay up to date on the latest energy news in Vermont by visiting their website and REV Blog.

    Contact: Scott Merriam
    Interim Executive Director

    Renewable Energy Vermont (REV)
    (802) 229-0099 office

    *Be sure to read two full pages about this the Farm at South Village and the South Village Community in the current May 15th, 2011 Issue of Green Energy Times – now at a newstand near you! It will be available on-line soon, as well.

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