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As Young Retires, CV Welcomes New President

Today, at CV’s annual meeting of shareholders, held this morning in Rutland, Bob Young, who retired, was honored for his transformation of the company during his tenure, and new President Larry Reilly outlined a bold new goal: to become the best small utility in America.

“When Bob Young became president, that utility faced many challenges,” Welch said in the speech.  “He faced them directly: rising costs, transmission system upgrades, a customer base that wanted reliable power but green power.  Bob Young succeeded in making CVPS an award-winning company.  He focused on customer service and environmental concern and stewardship, proving that green power could be reliable and affordable.”

“Bob had to orchestrate the complete reorganization of the company in the late ‘90s, the rebuilding of a clean, affordable power supply over the past few years, and the rehabilitation of CV’s reputation starting on day one,” Sayre said…

“Bob revamped this company from top to bottom, improving its way of thinking, its environmental footprint, its commitment to customers and Vermont, and indeed its very soul.  The CV Bob leaves today is a dramatically better company than the one he took over on December 31, 1995, and he deserves tremendous credit for that,” Sayre said.

“I am truly proud of the work we have done,” Young said.  “We’ve turned CV into a solid investment, a civic leader, an environmental steward, a great place to work, and a values-based, customer-focused business that is the envy of many in the industry.  We’ve certainly faced many trials and tribulations over the years, but we’ve acted with integrity, and our employees have become true ambassadors for the company.”

Green Energy Times™ would like to wish Mr. Young the best in his retirement and thank him for the work he has done to incorporate cleaner energy in our state.

We also would like to welcome Mr. Reilly and hope that his vision will continue to take steps necessary to utilize Renewable Energies for their source of energy for the people in the state of Vermont and for the sake of the planet..  A mix of Solar, Hydro & Wind, along with reducing our needs for energy will all be a hopeful part of a bright future..

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