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Vermont Energy Investment Corp. to Lead Sustainable Energy Utility

New Initiative Will Support Job Creation and Help Families, Businesses, and Institutions in the Nation’s Capital Save Money and Energy

April 22, 2011  Burlington, VT – The Sustainable Energy Partnership, led by the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), has been selected by the District Department of the Environment to create and operate the Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) in Washington, DC. The SEU will help families, businesses, and institutions in the nation’s capital save money and energy, and support local job creation and economic development, by offering programs that spur investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

With funding of approximately $7 million in fiscal year 2011, the SEU will operate under a seven-year performance-based contract with aggressive goals in job creation, energy savings, renewable energy deployment, and a significant level of targeted spending for low-income housing. Funding comes from the Sustainable Energy Trust Fund, established by the Council of the District of Columbia as part of the Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008.

“VEIC is excited by this opportunity to lead a world-class partnership that will help District of Columbia residents and businesses build a clean energy future for their community,” said Scott Johnstone, Executive Director of VEIC. “Through our operation of Efficiency Vermont, we have shown how investments in energy efficiency are good for the bottom line, good for the environment, and good for the economy. We look forward to putting this expertise to work in the nation’s capital.”

Residential and commercial energy consumption in buildings is the largest driver of greenhouse gas emissions in the District of Columbia, with 15% of emissions coming from residences and 52% from commercial and institutional sectors. The District of Columbia estimates that it currently spends approximately $79 million each year on energy use in public buildings alone. The SEU will help address the challenge of reducing that energy use, while also providing new “green jobs” employment opportunities for District of Columbia residents.

SEU services will begin to launch in May, with three “quick start” programs for residential and commercial customers. The SEU offices will be located in Washington, DC, with necessary technical and support services provided from VEIC’s Vermont office. More information is available at
VEIC’s work for the SEU represents a continued diversification of its activity outside Vermont. In 2010, VEIC was selected to start up and operate Efficiency Smart, an energy efficiency initiative that currently serves 47 communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

About VEIC
The Vermont Energy Investment Corporation is a mission-driven nonprofit organization, founded in 1986, dedicated to reducing the economic, social, and environmental costs of energy consumption through cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

VEIC has consulted in 28 states, 6 Canadian Provinces and 7 countries outside North America to design programs that reduce energy use through energy efficiency and renewable energy. In addition, VEIC operates Efficiency Vermont – the nation’s first statewide energy efficiency utility – as well as other implementation services across the country. For more information:

About the Sustainable Energy Partnership
Led by VEIC, the Sustainable Energy Partnership comprises a diverse group of partners, collaborators, and supporters based in Washington, DC: George L. Nichols & Associates; PEER Consultants, P.C.; Taurus Development Group; L. S. Caldwell & Associates; Institute for Market Transformation; DC Project / WeatherizeDC; Skyline Innovations; PES Group; Politics and Prose / Climate Action Project; Washington Interfaith Network; Clean Energy Solutions; Career Central Online; DC Environmental Network; The Elizabeth Ministry; Greater Washington Urban League; Indigo Engineering; LiUNA!; Mount Lebanon Community Development Corp.; Stella Associates; and Wider Opportunities for Women.

Contact: George Twigg  (802) 488-7633 (office)  (802) 825-5625 (cell)

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  • David Ransom

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  • David Ransom

    Hi, George– We are searching for a reliable way to transfer stocks bought 65-70years ago to “Green” investments. Can you refer us?–dave ransom

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