Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Say NO! to Federal Rail and Public Transportation Funding Cuts!

“The Federal Budget is slashing programs of enormous importance, including federal funding for high-speed rail to be eliminated, representing a cut of $2.9 billion. Public transportation would be cut by nearly $1 billion, a 20 percent reduction – at a time when we have to put Americans to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.”  So said Senator Sanders in a press release today.

What is not considered is the fact that transportation is one of the two top offenders for the emissions going into our atmosphere. With climate change in front of us every day – this is the totally wrong direction for our country to go in.  Bernie Sanders is voting “No” to this Budget Deal!

Please let your resistance to this deal be known…

Public transportation and the Rail infrastructure can help hugely to reduce the emissions that are adding so much to the problem we face!  NOW is the time to voice your opinion!

You can Contact Senator Sanders at (202) 224-5141. Let your Senators hear from you today!!

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