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Film – April 7th: The World According to Monsanto

Film: The World According to Monsanto

Free ~ a 90-minute film ~

  • Where: Upstairs at the Upper Valley Food Co-op
193 North Main Street
White River Junction, VT
  • When: April 7, at 6 PM

    What’s It All About? A vice president of Monsanto corporation recently refused to take part in a forum at Dartmouth about Genetic Engineering of foods.  She felt that her  “presence would be a source of too much negative press and controversy.”  Negative press and controversy?  If you wonder why this could be, come and see this film by Marie-Monique Robin, which Monsanto tried to get hushed up when it was released in France in 2008.

Sponsored by: Transition Town White River Junction, the Center for Sustainable Practice,
and the Upper Valley Food Co-op   802-295-5804

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