Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Bill McKibben Brings Down the House at Powershift Conference!

Here are a few highlights. I emphasized a couple of important tidbits in bold. Watch the video for Bill’s rousing speech, and to learn more about what’s planned for the coming months. The time for waiting for “someone” to act has passed. The climate is changing, farming is being altered, storm systems are increasing in size, intensity, and danger, and we are placing our children, grandchildren, and all future generations at risk. Inaction and ignorance are no longer options.

On Climate Change Leadership:

… And there is no one else. It is you.

That is a great honor and that is a terrible burden. There is no one else.

The science is the easy part in this, grim, but easy. 2010 was the warmest year on record. And it was warm. We were on the phone one day with our 350 crew in Pakistan and one of them said, “It’s hot out here today,” and I was surprised to hear him say it because it’s usually hot in Pakistan during the summer. He said, no it’s really hot . We just set the new, all time Asia temperature record, 129 degrees.

On the Copenhagen climate accord:

You know what, at Copenhagen we got 117 nations to sign on to that 350
target. That was good, but they were the wrong 117 nations.
They were the poorest and most vulnerable nations. The most addicted nations, led by our own, weren’t yet willing to bit the bullet, so that’s where we’ve got to go to work.

On the Chamber of Commerce:

They claim to represent all American business, but they don’t. 55% of their funding came from 16 companies. They don’t have to say who those companies are, but it’s easy to tell when you watch what they do. They spend their time lobbying to make sure the planet heats up as fast it possibly can.

They sent a legal brief to the EPA last year, saying that they should take no action on climate change, because if the planet warmed, humans could alter their behavior and their physiology to deal with the problem. I don’t even really know what that means, alter your physiology. Grow gills?…

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