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VT Solar Communities – An Affordable Way to Go Solar

VPIRG Energy has a new idea for making solar affordable for average Vermonters, using the power of community to arrange discounts, and taking all the hard work out of the rebate and incentive process. Is your community a solar community?

VPIRG Energy is working to go town by town across Vermont to make solar power easy and affordable. Our Solar Communities harness the power of people who want to get their electricity from the sun– because they feel it’s the right thing to do for our planet AND because it’s good for the pocketbook.

Solar Communities bring together town officials, neighborhood associations, civic groups, faith-based organizations, schools and business groups to help spread the word on how easy and affordable it is to go solar.

Community presentations are the key to spreading the word. Each citizen in a Solar Community can help by identifying a group or meeting at which a solar presentation can be held to educate your neighbors and build the community.

Connect to your solar community

VPIRG Energy is underway with Solar Charlotte, Solar Hinesburg, Solar Shelburne, Solar Williston (including St. George) and Solar Waterbury (including Duxbury and Moretown), with more rolling out soon across Vermont.

Contact VPIRG Energy if you’d like more information about current Solar Communities, or if you want a Solar Community in your town.

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