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A selection of Twitter Updates on Fukushima

There is more bad news today from the earthquake- and tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiiachi Nuclear plant in Japan. Much of the US news media is either failing to cover it, or has it buried (in places like page 3 of section D of the paper). So, for the latest info, I turned to Twitter, a tool that is not owned by the corporations that build this type of plant and has no editorial control over what’s posted:

You can get the latest updates at any time by going to!/search/%23fukushima.

#japan Possible Breach in Core at #Fukushima Reactor; Prime Minister Says Situation ‘Very Grave’ PBS:

Neutrons detected at Fukushima: Fission occuring in ruined reactors. #fukushima #reactor #radiation #meltdown

“@japantimes: #Fukushima plant’s fallout to go around globe” they have underestimated the Fallout from the start

#Japan expands evacuation zone around #Fukushima

Japan’s Defense Ministry Releases New Video of Smoking Reactors #Japan #Fukushima

#Japanese Prime Minister: situation at #Fukushima nuclear plant is ‘still very grave and serious’

Irradiated #Fukushima workers being transferred to a new hospital:

Source: Kyodo/Reuters

“the two were exposed to 2 to 6 sieverts of radiation”WHAT?!Wearing shoes!No Rad level B4 work?!GROSS NEGLIGENCE #Fukushima #meltdown #Japan

#Fukushima Nuke engineer Masashi Goto, events that were considered impossible at #Fukushima have already occurred.

#nuclear reactor 3 containment was confirmed broken when the first neutron beam was observed … surely (days ago) ?

RT @superseed77 irradiated workers kept continuing work even though the individual dosimeters sounded alarm ! #fukushima ~How Chernoble-ish.

How the “Peaceful Atom” Became a Serial Killer | Mother Jones #p2 #fukushima

#fukushima #japan #earthquake High-radiation water leaks now found in 2 more reactors:

Amid widespread contamination from #Fukushima, US carrier had to use ship’s barber shop to test crew –

Crowd-sourced radiation levels across Japan. #japan #fukushima

RT @stanscates: Deconstructing America’s Nuclear Cult #fukushima #nuclear #p2

RT @julianborger: RT @BelferCenter, at #Harvard. Some simple fixes to help stop another #Fukushima

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