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3rd annual Local Energy Solutions Conference, Pennacoock, NH

[For registration and vendor info, see the conference web site.]

New Hampshire Congressman Charlie Bass will tour the Merrimack Valley High School biomass plant before giving the lunch-time address to attendees coming from towns and schools from across New Hampshire and southern Maine.

Local energy committee members, municipal and school staff/volunteers, legislators, and interested citizens from around the state and region will convene to discuss and learn about local energy projects, issues and solutions. Merrimack Valley High School, centrally located just off interstate 93 north of Concord, has been a leader in implementing renewable energy projects and energy efficiency building upgrades.

Who Should Attend

  • Local energy committee volunteers
  • Town administrators and employees
  • Board of selectmen, planning board, budget committee members
  • Legislators and interested citizens
  • School staff and facility managers

Maximize your Energy Projects

  • Learn About
    • Ways to finance your energy projects
    • Best practices and example of energy projects
    • How to measure municipal, school and residential energy use
    • Basics of energy technologies and practices
    • Elements of energy planning
    • Maximizing energy committee effectiveness
  • Network With Your Peers.
  • Visit Our Diverse Exhibitors.

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