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Symposium: China’s Environmental Governance

When: 9:30 Am, Wed., March 2, 2011
Where: VT Law School, Royalton, VT

The event is free and open to the public.

The Vermont Journal of Environmental Law and the U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law will explore climate change, energy needs and other issues.

Titled “China’s Environmental Governance: Global Challenges and Comparative Solutions,” the symposium will bring together scholars from China, the United States and Vermont. Panelists will discuss solutions to climate change and enforcement and legal remedies to environmental issues. Professor John Nagle of the University of Notre Dame Law School will be the keynote speaker. His talk is titled “How Much Should China Pollute?”

China’s rapid industrialization has caused severe environmental degradation, including greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming worldwide. The crisis has prompted China’s leaders to seek new ways to allow steady growth, while protecting the air, land, water and public health. VLS’s U.S.-China Partnership provides training in environmental governance to lawyers, judges and others to help China enforce environmental laws and regulations that have been widely ignored.

More information about the symposium is available at Visit VJEL at and the U.S.-China Partnership at

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