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Environmentally-Friendly Electricity from MicroHydro

Ever wonder if Microhydro could work for you? CLICK HERE for a pdf of some comprehensive information from James Perkins or Little Green Hydro.

Excerpted from: New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association, 54 Portsmouth Street, Concord, NH 03301.

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  • I am interested in lowhead hydro and would like to find out if the stream I have on my property has sufficient flow/head to accomodate such a unit. It is a spring fed stream that flows very heavyily from fall to early summer. Summer flow continues but has less gpm.
    I am in town of Peacham/vermont.

  • Hi Ray; Low head hydro is a challenge because of the large flow required, which in turn can drive significant permitting challenges. When you need to use a large portion of a watercourse to energize a hydro generator there are many environmental concerns. Moreover, low head hydro is usually more costly technology.

    We recommend high head hydro because it requires much less water flow and hence there are many fewer environmental concerns. If you have at least 100 feet of head over a reasonable distance then you probably have a good potential site.

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