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White House Reps to speak with 10-10-10-er’s!

Dear Friends,

A last-minute addition to the weekend’s festivities: Representatives from the White House have asked if they could talk with some of the people organizing events across the country.

At 5 p.m. tomorrow, Jon Carson, who is Chief of Staff at President Obama’s Council on Environmental Quality, will answer some questions that you might want to raise about how the Administration plans to combat climate change. We won’t have long to talk with him, so we’re going to have to cull down the questions to two or three.

But we’re very eager to hear what he has to say–in part because he was the National Field Director for the Obama campaign in 2008. That is to say, he understands movement building, and we need to get his thinking on how we might keep this 350 ball rolling ever faster! No need to go easy on the guy: tough questions are probably best, because we’ve obviously got a lot of work to do.

So visit this link to learn about how to join the call and submit your questions:

And here’s the basic dial-in info:

When: The call will start at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST
Conference call number: (201) 793-9022
Conference room number: 9465206

Mostly, just be pleased that the White House has begun to respond to the movement you’re creating. Just as with the announcement last week about solar panels, your input makes a difference.


May Boeve, US Campaign Director (@mayboeve on Twitter)

P.S. For political junkies, a couple of other interesting pieces of news. The governor of Illinois said today he’d be up on the roof of his official mansion on Sunday putting up solar panels–and challenging every other governor in the USA to do likewise. And from my home state of California, encouraging new polling data shows that the coalition fighting big oil’s Prop 23 is in the lead–it’s a fight we’ll be trying to help at more than 400 work parties across the state on Sunday!

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