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October 15, 2010
Rutland, Vermont – The Marble Valley Regional Transit District (MVRTD) has been providing the Greater Rutland area transportation services since 1976 via “The Bus”.  During its 34 years of community service, MRVTD has expanded its reach into Middlebury, Manchester, Ludlow, Fair Haven, Poultney and Killington making it the largest non-urban transportation system in Vermont.  Well over ½ a million riders take advantage of The Bus every year including the elderly, disabled persons,  college students, the local workforce, and seasonal employees at Killington and Pico.

In order for “The Bus” to continue providing this much needed community service, your help is required.  MVRTD is asking that registered voters in the City of Rutland sign the Petition currently in circulation to place back on the ballot in March 2011 the Article reinstating the $46,140 of funding allocated by the City of Rutland.  The Petition is waiting for your signature at the MVRTD offices located at 158 Spruce Street or at the Rutland Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Main Office on Merchants Row.  Please stop by one of these locations by November 1, 2010.

For more information about “The Bus” Petition or MVRTD please call 773-3244, email or visit  Mission Statement: To provide safe, reliable, accessible and coordinated public transit service to enhance the economic, social and environmental quality of life throughout Rutland County and surrounding communities.
Contact: Priscilla A. Latkin
Marketing & Public Relations Consultant     802-922-5888

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