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What’s New on Feed-in Tariffs

Nevada Senator Requests Draft Feed-in Tariff Bill
Senator Mike Schneider,chair of the Senate Committee on Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation, has requested the drafting of a bill authorizing the Public Utility Commission of Nevada to establish a feed-in tariff program for renewable energy of all types . . .

Louisiana Public Service Commission Orders “Pilot Standard Offer” Program
Utilities will be required to implement “standard offers”, otherwise known as feed-in tariffs, for no more than 30 MW from projects no greater than 5 MW to be operation by 2012. . .

Recent Election Boosting Greens Could Aid Feed-in Tariffs in Australia
One of the cornerstones of the Greens’ renewable energy policies is a national gross feed-in tariff that would pay a uniform premium rate for all electricity generated by systems large and small – from home solar power systems to major wind farms. Currently Australia has a fractured feed-in tariff system with various States having their own programs and most working under the net model; meaning the premium rate is only paid on electricity generated surplus to consumption. . .

Group Calls for System of Advanced Renewable Tariffs in Saskatchewan
“See our proposal for more details about the practicality and effectiveness of a feed-in tariff as well as more detail on tailoring the solution for Saskatchewan. The intent of this policy mechanism is to stimulate an increase in private investment into these technologies. . .”

Victoria To Create Australia’s First Feed-in Tariff for Large-Scale Solar
The government of Victoria, Australia announced plans to introduce a feed-in tariff (FIT) to boost its electricity supply from large scale-solar power to 5% by 2020. . .
Details on Northern Indiana Public Service Company Proposed Feed-in Tariff; Will Vectren be next? by Laura Arnold–The pre-filed testimony presented by three company witnesses provide more of the details on their proposed changes to net metering as well as the new proposed FiT. . .

More on Philippines FIT Development
The FIT once approved, shall be collected from consumers as a cost component in the bill as “FIT All.” System operator National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) will act as settlement agent for the FIT costs due to the RE developers. . .

Are Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia Moving Toward Feed-in Tariffs?
An obscure British web site reported that “Both Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia are planning to adopt a feed-in tariff that will promote both the use of and mass acceptance of solar energy within the two countries over the coming years. . .”

Saudi Arabia hopes for ‘renewables’ regulations in 2011
The proposal appears similar to the dubious California model in another article. “ECRA has also suggested an auction to take place for power produced from renewable sources on a feed in tariff (FIT) model. . .”

This feed-in tariff news update is partially supported by An Environmental Trust and David Blittersdorf in cooperation with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. The views expressed are those of Paul Gipe and are not necessarily those of the sponsors.

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