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Make History October 10, 2010 (10/10/10)

Our Friends at wrote to let us know that in just a couple of weeks on October 10, 2010 (10/10/10) people throughout the world will act to reduce carbon emissions. The 10/10/10 Global Work Party will make history, and YOU can be part of it! It’s easy!

We can’t add much to what sent out, so here it is. One day, one world, working together to create a better future – join in and do your part!

It’s hard to keep up with all the incredible news pouring in from around the world, and even harder to know what news to share first, so let’s just dive right in:

First up: the explosive growth of this movement. In the last two weeks alone, over a thousand 10/10/10 events have been registered. In the last five days, ten of the “missing countries” without events got on the map, bringing our country count up to a whopping 165!

If you haven’t gotten involved yet, you can find an event to join near you by clicking here. If there isn’t one near you, you can register a new event by clicking here. And make sure to keep track of our event and country counters on the gorgeous new homepage at

If you’re already linked up with a local 10/10/10 event, you can click here to check out the 25 missing countries that are still not on the map for 10/10/10. Maybe you know someone that knows someone that knows someone in, say…Jamaica? Or Bhutan? If so, you can give the climate movement a real boost and spread the word.

Next: the huge scale of 10/10/10 events. When we announced 10/10/10, we expected that some people would plant a few trees–but we were blown away when we found out that a team in the Philippines is organizing 2,000 people to come out and plant mangroves. We expected that some people would promote sustainable transportation, but we weren’t expecting organizers in New Zealand to fix up every old bike in their capital city. People are thinking BIG for 10/10/10.

If you haven’t signed up your local work party yet, don’t let these big events intimidate you–instead, let them inspire you. Even if you can’t pull off anything at quite this scale, you can still dream big and know that no matter the size of your own event, you’ll be part of something massive.

Third: the buzz is building all around the world. Every day, we get more calls in the 350 office from reporters and politicians. They know something huge is in the works, and they want to get in on the action. Let’s make sure we’ve got something to show them on 10/10/10: now is the time to spread the word to make sure LOTS of people come to local events, and start working on your banners to make sure we get lots of iconic “350: Get to Work!” pictures to show the media.

Fourth: we’re all working together. One major reason that the buzz is building so much is that our hundreds of partner organizations are stepping up to spread the word. From Greenpeace to the World Council of Churches, organizations all over the planet are getting their members fired up for 10/10/10. And of course, our featured partners over at are pulling out all the stops to make this day truly epic.

Finally: this movement is made of real people and real stories. [Click here to see the image gallery – G.E.T.]. We want to share yours too. So email us: send your latest updates to and your pictures as attachments to (make the subject line the “City, Country” that the photo was shot in).

Together, we are building something truly amazing. It’s an honor to do it with all of you.


May Boeve, (@MayBoeve on Twitter),

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