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First Movie of the Month – “FUEL”

First Movie of the Month – “FUEL”

Monday, August 2, Colatina Exit Upstairs
Sponsored by the Bradford Conservation Commission

CHANGE IN PLANS… BCC has decided to go with the movie “FUEL” which is much more recent compared to the previously scheduled Who Killed the Electric Car?

We hope you’ll join us as we wrap up our summer movie series!

6:00 Come early if you’d like to order food and drink.
6:30 Movie begins.

FUEL (2008) With America so dependent on oil, filmmaker Joshua Tickell sets out to prove that biodiesel, made from vegetable oil, is a viable alternative. Although politicians and energy execs have done their best to quell it, the benefits of biodiesel are real. This documentary (winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance) chronicles Tickell’s quest to popularize the untraditional fuel source, citing the environmental and economic advantages the country could reap by adopting it. – Netflix

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