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Energy Technical Assistance and Planning for NH Communities (ETAP)

This is a two year program providing energy efficiency technical assistance free of charge to NH communities and counties.

ETAP’s goal is to advance energy efficiency in all NH municipalities and provide the tools communities need to monitor energy performance.

ETAP offers services for every community, regardless of where you are in the energy planning process. For communities that are just beginning, ETAP can provide assistance with energy inventories and preliminary roadmaps. For those communities that have already completed inventories and are looking to implement projects, ETAP can provide a number of services, including:
• Grant writing assistance
• Energy audits
• Energy master plans
• Capital improvement plans for energy efficiency
• Development of procurement documents and service procurement support

If you are interested in participating, please contact Jill Longval at or 603-424-2240. For additional information,  visit

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