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THE PACE PROGRAM-Benefits for VT Property Owners

From Green Energy Times, May 4, 2010 Issue*
* full pdf can be downloaded from top menu bar


Benefits for Vermont Property Owners

• Overcomes a key financial hurdle for making investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy.
• Incremental special assessment payments are low and fixed for up to 20 years, with no upfront cost. No costs to property owners who do not participate.
• Special assessment fees transfer to the new owner when the property is sold, or assessment obligation can be paid in full at transfer.
• Electricity and fuel bills are lower than they would bewithout the improvements, and the property owner
is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Benefits to Vermont Cities and Towns
• Cities and towns can use PACE to become more self-reliant and energy efficient and contribute to meeting community sustainability, climate, and energy goals.
• Cities and towns can provide a valuable public service to the members of their community.

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