Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Oil Addiction has gone too far!

NOW is the time to step back and take a real look at what using oil has done and make some serious changes!

We MUST face where our addiction to oil has taken us – and this photo (below), which is hard to look at, but is real and brings home the fact that we need to move into energy independence …with CLEAN Renewable Energy!

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is heartbreaking—but if an image like this can do anything, it can sear into our minds the fact that we need a real plan to get America off of oil.

Innocent bird drenched with oil!

Innocent bird drenched with oil!

Photo source: AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, Thursday, June 3, 2010.

Share this with your friends, and, regardless of your political affiliation, please sign the petition to Congress and the White House today: please sign this petition for our future! or contact your governmental officials now!  We have alternative ways to supply our energy needs.  We need to use less, seal up our buildings, and open your awareness of your own energy usage.  We need to ALL stand together to make this happen and do it NOW. We can’t wait until tomorrow – we definitely can’t wait until August or Christmas…. or whenever the oil leak is stopped…. if it ever is….   What if the relief wells make it worse?

It shouldn’t have taken this horrific disaster that is killing innocent lives… to open our eyes!  WE HAVE REAL OPTIONS THAT WORK, with SOLAR, WIND, and SMALL HYDRO!   NOW! is the time to make our moves!  What are you going to do?  Read Green Energy Times (all issues available right from the top menu bar under the ‘current and past issues’ tab) to  learn how you can make this happen yourself.  Where there is a ‘WILL”, there IS a way.. to make it happen in YOUR life!!!

* Green Energy Times is a ‘Solar Powered Business’!

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