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Giving New Life to Old Structures: Goddard College-part 2 workshop

Goddard_Logo_Stacked_648Giving New Life to Old Structures

Goddard College Organizes Institute to Renovate Design Building

Goddard College’s second part of a two-part workshop this summer with Design Builders John Mallery and Tyler Kobick to renovate the Goddard Design Building.

(The first workshop, June 11-13, included collaborative sessions on design and renovation to design a social and cultural gathering space for students.) 

The second workshop, August 19-23, will include a renovation of the Design Building, focusing on the variety of alternative approaches to low-energy building.

The workshops are open to any person interested in collaboration and experimentation blended with design and technical aspects of renovation and sustainability.

The Goddard College Design Building was designed and built by students in the early 1970s in collaboration with John Mallery and David Sellers.  Mallery once said that they wanted “to bring the student out of his romantic dreams, to explode the mysteries of how a building goes together, so he will ultimately be able to produce his own, real dreams.”

The Design Building is a multi-storied structure in the middle of the Plainfield campus that houses a 4,000 square foot open space on the main floor.  Smaller rooms branch off of the main space, as do stairwells, spacious lofts, and a glassed in room at the top of the building, which provides a 360 degree view of the main campus.

The Design Building certainly gave many students the opportunity to produce their own dreams, but it continues to inspire a campus community built on creativity, experimentation, and student-centered learning.  With the Eco-Design Build Institute, the building will be restored to a social and performing space for students.

Alumni and students, as well as architects and builders interested in the Design Build movement are welcome to register for the Institute by visiting  For more information, contact Gary Storrs at

Michelle Barber
Outreach Coordinator

Goddard College
123 Pitkin Rd.
Plainfield, VT  05667


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