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Free Crash Course from Chris Martenson’s ‘Transition’ Projects

Transition Culture has posted a new item, ‘Exclusive to Transition Culture: an Interview with Chris Martenson: Part Two. ‘

Q: “…When we talked before, you mentioned some practical stories about how people in the US and how people in Transition projects were making use of the Crash Course – could you tell us about those?”

A: “Certainly, a number of people have used the Crash Course to great effect.  It’s available online for free but not everybody watches 3½ hours of material on a computer, and it really wasn’t my intent for people to sit down alone and watch 3½ hours of stuff on the computer.  It’s meant to be shared.  So we produced it as three separate discs – they come in a single DVD case – and each of those discs is an hour and a half or less, and that was produced so that people would take that and bring it to their communities, maybe run three separate sessions a week.”

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