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Tell our next Govn’r to fight Oil Spills & that You want Clean Energy

We received this from VPIRG today and these thoughts are definitely worth sharing. Think wisely about who you want for our next governor:

“This weekend I was grabbing a bite with some friends, and our waitress apologized because their menu had changed.  Some of their seafood came from the Gulf of Mexico, she explained, and since they didn’t want to serve their food with a side of crude oil they’d stopped ordering those items.

We may not know the full effects of BP’s horrible oil spill for years, but a few things are pretty clear – this spill is worse than the Exxon Valdez, and the economy of the Gulf coast is going down, along with all manner of sea life.  This can’t happen again, and believe it or not, Vermont is in a position to help make that happen.

Tell the candidates: let’s fight future oil spills by showing the type of clean energy economy that’s possible, here in Vermont.

At its core, the oil spill is about one thing:  our country relies on dirty, dangerous energy sources to power our lives.  Oil, coal and nukes are the basis for our economy.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we put an end to tritium leaks and oil spills by powering our economy with wind, solar and other renewable energies instead?

We can make this happen – someone just has to lead the way.  Vermont and California have shown the country that we can have cleaner cars.  Vermont has shown that states can take on unsafe, aging nuclear plants.  Now, let’s set the tone for a new clean energy future.

Tell the candidates for governor to pick a renewable energy future

Our next governor is going to choose whether Vermont sits on our hands and continues with the status quo, or if we instead go full bore at renewable energy and show the country what a state powered by clean energy can be.

Together we can make it happen.

Thanks for all that you do.
Ben Walsh, VPIRG Field Director

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