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Press Release                                        May 24, 2010


Burlington College announced today that it will purchase the 32-acre North Avenue property from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. After months of discussions and negotiations, the College and the Diocese have signed a Purchase & Sales Agreement to close on the property within a year and to make it Burlington College’s new campus.

“This will be truly transformative for the College,” said Burlington College President, Dr. Jane O’Meara Sanders. “This new campus will enable us to broaden our academic offerings. We will be able to design editing suites, soundstages and studios for our popular film and photography majors. We will expand our art and music offerings. Our environmental studies, lake ecology and sustainability courses will have a living classroom. We will be able to offer many more events, art openings and guest speakers – all open to the community – on our own campus. The opportunities are limitless.”

Sanders also noted, “The new campus will provide an exceptional opportunity to combine the study of historic preservation and green build/design,” which will be a new focus of their design major. At this point, the College plans to focus on renovating the current buildings and has no plans to add any additional structures. “In keeping with its community mission, the land will remain open to the public and the College will continue the stewardship of this beautiful property,” said Sanders.

Burlington College is an independent accredited four-year liberal arts institution that emphasizes the dynamic relationship between education and experience. Founded in 1972, the College has from its origin focused on integrating learning, personal development, and community engagement. Our founders’ intention was to create an undergraduate institution firmly rooted in concern for, and interaction with their community, and the College continues to embrace that mission today.

The majority of Burlington College students are Vermonters. The College’s mission clearly states a commitment to serve students of varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and of diverse ages, circumstances, and means.  “Seventy-five percent of all our students receive financial aid, making the average out-of-pocket cost of attendance less than $13,000” said Sanders. “We make every effort to remain affordable and ensure access to higher education as a matter of principle.”

The College is currently housed in the Colodny Building at 95 North Avenue and all its classrooms are used for multiple purposes. Known for its community involvement, the College often rents space for their larger public events.  “Our new campus – only 1/3 of a mile up North Avenue – will provide so much more opportunity for us to both educate our students and serve our community,” said Sanders.

Contact: Jane O’Meara Sanders – (802) 846-3069; 846-3041; 578-8718;

The mission of Burlington College is to guide students to become skillful and reflective practitioners, lifelong learners, and thoughtful, active citizens engaged in fostering a just, humane society and sustainable, beautiful communities.

Statement from the Roman Catholic Diocese

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington announces that its property at 311-351 North Avenue is under Contract with Burlington College. Burlington College plans to make the property its new campus, providing opportunity for growth of the College’s educational mission, enrollment, and prominence in the community.

While the Diocese is saddened to be leaving a site with such a rich history of service to the community and the Church, it is pleased that the property will continue to serve as an educational institution, providing the benefits of education to many who might not be able to achieve such an opportunity.

The transaction was effected by the Diocese upon the review and consent of the Diocesan Presbyteral Council, the College of Counsultors, the College of Deans, the Diocesan Finance Council, the Diocesan Administrative Board, and Burlington College’s Board of Trustees.

We are confident that Burlington College will honor this historic property by its educational service to working Vermonters from the entire state.  We will be working closely with the College and the City of Burlington to facilitate this process.

All further inquiries regarding this transaction should be directed to Yves Bradley, at Pomerleau Real Estate. Yves Bradley, Pomerleau Real Estate
Office Line:  (802) 863-8210; Direct: (802) 863-8217, ext. 14; Cell: (802) 363-5696
E-Mail: here

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