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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

4th Annual Distributed Energy Conference

2010 Renewable Energy Vermont DISTRIBUTED GENERATION Northeast Conference

The SMART GRID Transition: Responding to the Clean Energy Mandate

May 19th, Manchester, VT – Equinox Resort

Early Bird Registration Deadline is Approaching
Register by May 15th for early bird rates. Questions? Call (802)-229-0099.

Attendees at this must-attend event will learn about the opportunities and challenges associated with the implementation of Vermont’s new feed-in tariff program. The conference will also address how investments in smart-grid technologies across New England can serve to accelerate the adoption of clean, distributed energy projects in the region.

Join REVermont as they discuss the role that local distributed generation projects will play in meeting clean energy mandates.


Click Here To Register | See The Full Program Agenda

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