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“PV-Module Supply – How To Navigate Supply Constraints in 2010”

groSolar Offers Free Webinar: “PV-Module Supply – How To Navigate Supply Constraints in 2010”

Solar veterans Paul Coughlin and Jeff Wolfe offer business-planning advice to help installers understand current global supply-issues with PV modules

White River Junction, Vt. – National solar leader, groSolar today announced a free webinar to assist solar installers throughout the solar industry in predicting, navigating and mitigating PV-module supply constraints in 2010. The free webinar will be held on Wednesday May 19 at 3pm EST.

“There are several dynamic global economic factors at play, including European PV market-conditions, financial markets and supply-side health that have recently created a tightening of the supply-chain for PV modules globally and in the US,” said groSolar CEO and webinar co-presenter Jeff Wolfe. “As a national leader in solar power it’s important to groSolar to do everything we can to maintain and improve the health of the overall industry in the US. Understanding the global factors that impact PV-module supply will help installers maintain business-continuity and ensure that the US-solar market continues to grow at an accelerating pace.”

Jeff Wolfe, CEO/Co-founder and Paul Coughlin, SVP of Strategic Sales for groSolar, are both recognized throughout the solar industry for their long-term experience in down-stream solar, navigating the global supply-chain to deliver value to dealers and direct customers across the US.

“I have been getting a lot of questions lately such as ‘What’s going on with module supply and why is it so hard to get answers from manufacturers and distributors?’” said Coughlin. “So we decided to put on this webinar to help our dealer-installers understand the dynamics at play so they can put the best plans in place to keep their businesses in strong positions, which supports our mission to create a clean-energy future for the US.”

The free webinar will be offered on Wednesday, May 19 from 3pm to 4pm EST. The webinar is open to the general public and media, but space is limited. Attendees can register for the webinar here.

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