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Fifty Homeowners Asked to Save Money with Solar Hot Water Systems!


Contact:  Linda Ide  Chair, Newbury Energy Committee
50 Homeowners Asked to Save $ with Solar Hot Water Systems
by Linda Ide

BRADFORD – If you could save more than $50,000 over 25 years by installing a new solar hot water system on your home, would you do it?

The Upper Valley Solar Hot Water Challenge will present information about solar hot water systems to the public on Saturday, April 24, from 10 a.m. to noon at Bradford Academy.

Organizers hope that 50 local homeowners will be so impressed by the benefits of solar hot water heating that they will take the challenge and contact a local solar vendor to purchase a solar hot water system.

“We believe that solar hot water offers a real benefit to individuals, to our economy, and to the environment,” said Ed Wendell, co-chair of the Energy Committee of the Bradford Conservation Commission.

Aside from saving money, an average residential solar hot water system will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over three tons per year, according to on-line carbon calculators. Replacing 50 conventional hot water systems with solar hot water systems could reduce carbon emissions by up to 150 tons per year.

“We want homeowners to get good, unbiased information about the benefits of solar hot water,” said Wendell. “During the event, a moderator will give a Power Point slide show about solar hot water … about how it works, what you can expect from the technology, how much it can cost, and what sorts of rebates and tax incentives are available,” he said. “After that, we’ll open up the floor for questions.”

“We’ve also invited all of the solar hot water installers we know in our area to attend. We’ve asked them each to set up a booth, and they’ll be able to answer questions after the presentation,” Wendell said.

Vendors invited to attend The Challenge include:

  • Green Works Solar Store of Groton
  • Gibson Enterprises of Wells River
  • ReKnew Energy of South Royalton
  • SunCatcher of Corinth
  • Gro Solar of White River Junction
  • Middlebrook Mechanical of Bradford
  • Sunrise Solar from Randolph

The Upper Valley Solar Hot Water Challenge will be open to the public and will offer information relevant to residents of both Vermont and New Hampshire.

Co-sponsored by The Bradford Conservation Commission, the Newbury Energy Committee, the Newbury Conservation Commission, and Hill’s Five & Dime of Bradford.

For more information about the Upper Valley Solar Hot Water Challenge, please contact Ed Wendell at 802-222-4657 or at

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