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“Solar can be a Good Business Investment”

Solar for your Business

“Solar can be a Good Business Investment”

Thursday, March 11, 7 – 9pm
Draker Solar Building
12-22 North Street, Burlington
Call 802-363-1474 for directions

Free seminar, presented by DC Energy Innovations, installers of solar and wind energy systems, on using solar to make your business greener and to make a sound business investment at the same time.
We will cover the basics of a grid-connected business scale solar electric (photovoltaic) system including the solar components and how they can be mounted on the building. We will also cover the economics of a business scale solar system and how it can be a good business investment.

So, please come to get informed and see how solar can be a wise choice … for your business’ bottom line and the planet!

For more information go to:

Also, Burlington residents and business owners, Save the Date! On Wednesday, March 24th, we will have a special free seminar about the Burlington POWER program.

In the POWER program, the city borrows money and loans it to homeowners and business owners at a low interest rate to help pay for solar electric systems and other energy saving measures.

So, the challenge of coming up with the upfront investment for a solar electric system is avoided.

We’ll be posting more information in the coming weeks about this special seminar.

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