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Sat. 3/13 – Window Insulation Workshop in Thetford

Sat. Window Insulation Workshop

from Bob Walker, Sustainable Energy Resource Group


Just a reminder about the free INTRODUCTION TO HOMEMADE WINDOW INSULATION WORKSHOP this Saturday 3/13, 10 am – noon at the Thetford Center Community Center.  Nancy Limbaugh, Scott Stokoe, and Ann Wickham will cover the fundamentals of heat loss and discuss several options for making your own window insulation. These will include window quilts, interior storm windows, and rigid insulation panels. We’ll have samples of each type, including window quilts in various stages of construction. Bring your questions and share your own window insulation ideas. Bring a bag lunch and help build and install simple interior storm windows in the Community Center and caulk leaks as part of the ongoing weatherization project in the afternoon.

The workshop is organized by the Thetford Energy Committee.
For more info contact: Nancy Limbaugh 785-2099 or

Sustainable Energy Resource Group
432 Ulman Rd
Thetford Center, VT 05075

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