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Boston & New England Buildings SAVE 4.7+mil. Tons of Carbon Dioxide!

News Release
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
New England Regional Office
March 24, 2010
Contact: David Deegan, (617) 918-1017

Boston and New England Buildings Receive Energy Star Recognition

(Boston, Mass. – March 24, 2010) – Boston and New England businesses are again being recognized by EPA’s Energy Star program for their commitment to save energy and money through energy efficiency.

Continuing the impressive growth of the past several years, in 2009 nearly 3,900 commercial buildings nationwide earned the Energy Star label, representing annual savings of more than $900 million in utility bills and more than 4.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. Even in the face of the difficulties of the current economic state, these organizations remain dedicated to investing in energy efficiency solutions, reducing energy use and greenhouse gases.

This year, Boston ranked 13th in the list of top 25 U.S. metropolitan areas with the largest number of energy efficient buildings that have earned EPA’s Energy Star designation. Across New England, 136 buildings earned the Energy Star label in 2009, with 74 of them located in the Boston metropolitan areas. These award-winning buildings in Boston alone represent over 28 million square feet, and will save an estimated $40.3 million annually in lower energy bills, and will avoid greenhouse gas emissions equal to the energy use in 1600 homes.

In addition, five New England companies, out of 50 organizations nationally, are being recognized for their sustained excellence and long-term commitment to protecting our environment through superior energy efficiency. These winners are The Raytheon Company, National Grid, Osram Sylvania Inc., The Joint Management Committee representing Massachusetts New Homes with Energy Star, and Sponsors of Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), all of Massachusetts.

Finally, EPA recognized 40 organizations as Partner of the Year for their comprehensive management of their energy use and for promotion of Energy Star products and practices to their consumers and within their communities. The New England winner of this award was HEI Hotels and Resorts of Norwalk, Conn. They have established a performance-based competition between their company hotels and promote energy efficiency to their 5,000 employees with gift cards and Energy Star qualified flat-screen televisions awarded to all staff at the top three most energy-improved hotels.

“Energy efficiency remains one of the most effective methods to reduce green house gas emissions and lower the impact of climate change. We applaud the sound energy management and innovation shown by these companies in New England in their efforts to reduce their operating costs and in turn reduce energy demand in New England,” said Curt Spalding, EPA New England regional administrator.

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