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Green Energy Times & NESEA BuildingEnergy 2010 Conference

Green Energy Times attended this event on Wednesday, March 10th, and can only wish that everyone who reads this could head on down there today and/or that you all make arrangements to attend next year.  We cannot say enough good about the entire event!

Their agenda is exactly what we all need, to be able to address our future, equipped with the knowledge to accomplish the tasks ahead of us all.  This event was well thought out to accomplish just this.  The workshop sessions alone are just incredible.  The Trade Show incorporated the latest innovations and technologies that we need to know about with the best of the best set up with their displays.

They even chose a perfect site for the event incorporating very little waste and green measures, with accommodation arrangements available at one of the greenest Hotels in the country: Seaport World Trade Center Boston, 200 Seaport Blvd., Boston, MA 02210.  (Be sure to read about what NESEA did to help this Hotel move to this status at their link below.)

Again, here is the info about the conference and links:
Find all this and more at NESEA’s BuildingEnergy Conference March 9-11, 2010, at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA.  BuildingEnergy is the only conference where architects, designers, planners, builders, policymakers, manufacturers, and installers work together to determine what’s possible. This year’s theme: Reduce, Retrofit, and Renew. Conference sessions range from the newest technologies for smart grids to deep energy retrofits of commercial and residential buildings.  The Trade Show features 160 exhibitors with the next generation of sustainable technologies and products. Register on line at  HYPERLINK “”

What is Building Energy?

Building Energy is NESEA’s annual conference and tradeshow, now in its 35th year.  Held in Boston every March, Building Energy is the oldest and largest regional building energy and renewable energy conference and trade show for practitioners in the Northeast.

NESEA’s Building Energy 2010 (BE10) takes place March 9 – 11, 2010 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.  The theme of this year’s show is “Reduce, Retrofit, and Renew.”

Why Attend?

Generating truly new ideas in the world of sustainability requires whole systems thinking, a cross-disciplinary approach, and rigorous standards for content and case studies. BuildingEnergy is the only conference where you will find architects, designers, planners, builders, policymakers, manufacturers, and installers working together to determine what’s possible. The Building Energy Trade Show features 160 exhibitors showcasing the latest sustainable technologies and products. Hear about strategies for reaching the goal of zero next energy – where you produce as much energy as you use.

What is NESEA?

NESEA is the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association ( HYPERLINK “”, a leading regional advocacy and membership organization dedicated to promoting sustainable energy practices.  For more than thirty years, NESEA has supported and inspired a growing network of professionals and sustainable energy experts committed to responsible energy use.  The organization communicates information about a wide array of sustainable solutions, provides detailed project case studies with proven results and compelling metrics, and offers access to cutting-edge technologies and creative approaches.

NESEA’s members hail from the 10 Northeastern states, from Maine to Washington, D.C.  NESEA members are “practical idealists” – passionate about the need for healthy, efficient buildings and transportation systems powered by clean, renewable energy.  NESEA members believe achieving these ends will strengthen the economy, create new jobs, and heal the environment.

Efficient use of energy requires collaboration among practitioners in diverse professions.  NESEA’s members include a wide range of sustainable energy practitioners including architects, engineers, educators, builders, energy consultants, renewable energy manufacturers and installers, facilities managers, planners, and students who are committed to whole systems thinking as the central framework for addressing energy issues.  Joined by consumer advocates, these practitioners have worked effectively to pioneer energy-efficient buildings and clean energy solutions, to share their knowledge and to recognize innovation.

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