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Free seminar on solar: “Focus on Financing Options”

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Thursday, February 18

DC Energy Innovations will be presenting our first free seminar on solar.

Solar Electric for Homeowners

“Focus on Financing Options”

7 – 9pm

Draker Solar Building – 12-22 North Street, Burlington
Call 802-363-1474 … for directions

Free seminar, presented by DC Energy Innovations, installers of solar and wind energy systems.

• The seminar will cover basics of a home scale solar electric (photovoltaic) system including the components and how they are mounted.

• They will also focus on ways to pay for a home scale system with a special section about the proposed Burlington Clean Energy Assessment District question on this March’s town meeting ballot.
Refreshments will be served.

2 comments to Free seminar on solar: “Focus on Financing Options”

  • Hervey Scudder

    I just saw my first copy of green energy times.

    It happened to be your February 15, 2010 issue.

    One article that I wanted to keep was on page one, PACE Programs Coming to a Town Near YOU!

    I went up on your website hoping I could download that article.

    Since I am just learning how to navigate your site, perhaps I missed the path that would take me to it.

    Can you help me with getting a copy of the PACE story?

    Your cooperation will be appreciated.


  • Hervey – please ck the G.E.T. website again! Following will be a newer PACE article from the current issue, as well. Hope this helps you. Let us know how you plan to implement the info…

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