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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Will Floating Geodesic Solar Molecules be the answer?

Forty (40) minutes of sunlight falling on the entire earth, can provide energy to the whole population of this planet for about a year!

Now we need the technology to be fine-tuned to make this happen.  All kinds of incredible new projects are being tested every day… like the Floating Geodesic Solar Molecules…

January 7th, 2010

Researchers speak in unison that if we develop the capability to harvest 40 minutes of sunlight falling on the entire earth, we can provide energy to the whole population of this planet for about a year. But we are successful in trapping just 1% of that energy till now. Scientists and industrial designers are continuously engaged in research so that they can create mechanics and systems that can harvest solar energy in a better way. That will help in dispelling the doubts about alternative energy resources.

The Solar Molecules give some hope that this system can provide more power at a low-cost. We all know that processing solar energy for whole day with same intensity is not possible because intensity of the daylight varies with the passage of a day. But creator of Solar Molecules system have thought about this problem and come up with a spherical mega-body that moves across the sky each day, east to west, in a repetitive cycle.

The system holds several solar molecules. These molecules are geodesic structures and they carry hot air to remain aloft. How these molecules are supposed to trap solar energy? Actually these molecules are covered with PV cells. These photovoltaic cells are responsible for processing solar energy and store it in onboard system. How this energy reaches earth to be utilized by us? The produced energy is converted into microwaves and is beamed to the surface of the earth. On reaching the earth these microwaves are reconverted back into usable electricity by the base station.

The sun is in constant motion due to the earth’s movement around it. In order to draw maximum mileage out of sun rays the panels equipped with photovoltaic technology constantly need to remain perpendicular to the sun’s rays. This can be achieved with Solar Molecules.

Further, Solar Molecules move constantly, therefore they generate periodic shadows on the surface of the earth and do not hinder the city residents’ quota of sunlight.

If we try to study one solar molecule, we will find that it consists of three parts: the core, stabilizing/transfer rods, and solar panel cladding. Work of the core is to store the energy gathered where possible microwave generators can be located. Rods act as an intermediary between the core and the exterior that provide structural support. Energy captured on the surface is transmitted into each rod finally transferred to the core. A cavity also exists as a result between the exterior and the core. Energy is transferred though the rod, surplus heat is released to some extent increasing the temperature in the cavity. This heat is responsible for the flotation of the solar molecule. Finally the exterior is responsible for collection of solar energy. This approach can finally set us on the path of full depends on solar energy.

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