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Shut Down VY Walk to Montpelier

Shut Down Vermont Yankee

Submitted to Green Energy Times on 25 January, 2010, by a reader.
This is an opinion from someone who is concerned with this issue, due his living in fairly close proximity to VY.  We welcome your opinions and comments, as well.  Green Energy Times is happy to print your issues on our site, but we want to let it be known that this does not necessarily mean that we endorse them.  We want to hear from ALL of you!   Send in your comments!
< Plagued by a transformer fire, the repeated collapse of cooling towers, reports of workers showing up under the influence of drugs and alcohol, increases in fenceline radiation levels, cracked components, stuck valves leading to emergency shutdowns, and excess radiation exposure of workers, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant is now engaged in damage control over the latest news: On January 7th, VY spokesman Rob Williams released data on elevated levels of a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, found in a test well on the Vernon reactor site, that show a plume of tritium has been leaking into the groundwater around the plant and is now migrating toward the Connecticut River.
“There is no danger to the public,” assured Williams last week, but people living near the reactor are fed up with the blandishments of public relations flaks. They want the Vermont state legislature to reject a bid by Vermont Yankee for a 20-year license extension at the accident prone plant, and they walked 125 miles through the dead of winter to Montpelier with one demand. >

Shut Down Vermont Yankee

By David Detmold

shut down VY walk

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