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ARRA Funds in Action here in VT & NH!

January 27, 2010

When the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was passed last year I wondered (probably like many others) where exactly the $787 billion would end up.  I never imagined I would be seeing the flow of that money on a daily basis as early as the end of 2009.  But it’s true!  As an employee in the renewable energy sector, I encounter projects of all shapes and sizes which are recipients of ARRA funds.

Some of these funds have been appropriated specifically to advance renewable energy, energy efficiency measures, and energy conservation.  For example, over $49 billion has been awarded to municipalities, community action groups, and government entities throughout Vermont – and this is only through the Department of Energy.(1)  This includes millions of dollars going directly to Vermont’s Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) and the Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive.  These programs support business, non-profits, and residences alike.(2)

Other grants and loans for low-income housing, education, and research also indirectly support the renewable energy market when these entities choose to take a green approach to new construction or facility upgrades.

As of today, the government reports that just over half (58%) of the total funds expected to be allotted as loans, grants, and contracts has been awarded.  That means there is still over $1 billion waiting to be claimed.(2)  If you are a business owner, a farmer, an investor, a member of a local energy committee, or even just a home owner, NOW is the time to take advantage of these fast-moving dollars.  If you have ever dreamed of starting a solar farm to power your whole town, or even just dreamed of clean energy for your home, now is the best time to make that investment while our government is supporting our green energy goals.  ReKnew Energy Systems, Inc. of South Royalton is happy to help you find the right funds for your project or home. ARRA funds in part help support our employees who are year-round, permanent, local workers.

By Shasta Small (ReKnew Energy Systems, Inc.,  HYPERLINK “”, 866-312-7673)
ReKnew Energy is centrally located in South Royalton, VT; we design and install solar energy systems throughout VT and NH.


Track the stimulus money at:
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VT Dept. Public Svc. (CEDF)

Renewable Energy Vermont (incentives)

Renewable Energy Resource Center (incentives)”


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