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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Watch this Video: Copenhagen 12.12.2009

On the weekend of December 12th, the world came together in a weekend of rallies and vigils to call for a real climate deal in Copenhagen.

Check out their amazing video to experience the magic and know you are not alone in knowing of the urgency of the changes we MUST address immediately!

We ALL need to DO whatever we can + then more!  We need to educate our family, friends + neighbors ASAP!  Every step matters!  You can find many things YOU can personally do, here, in each issue of Green Energy Times – It is FREE!  really!  no strings attached.

We ARE dedicated to effect change asap! Read each issue, learn and make changes.  No more talking – it is past time to be DOING!  This is the most serious thing any of us will ever face!  Turn the #’s. backward!!!  We can do this! Let’s ALL work together!  What are YOU doing?  Let us know!

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