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Kiss the Ground and Dance Under the Stars

Kiss the Ground and Dance Under the Stars

from “Prayers for Wellbeing” by Rev. Dr. Rosemary Partridge

I hear the voices of the trees
The wind blows through to my core
And I see the soul in all things
It is a time for praise
Of diversity and infinity
Celebrating beauty
I kiss the ground

Beauty all around me
I feel the holy presence of The Divine One
In all things

Beauty before me
I am in awe
The pleasures of life create reverence in me
Dancing under the stars
Dancing like the stars
Giving thanks to the Earth as home
My actions are respectful

Beauty behind me
In right relationship to the Earth
And all of her creatures
I walk in beauty

Oh Great Spirit
Hear my prayer
For all of the people
To awaken
To Your beauty
In the Earth
On the Earth
Within all of creation
And to develop loving relationship
To the Oneness
That is You

I kiss the ground
And dance under the stars

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