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Green Job – Part time temporary help wanted

Looking for an environmentally-minded, tool-handy, self-motivated, outside-the-box helper for 10 – 20 hours per week until I can get caught up and possibly/hopefully more ongoing.

The work would be variable, indoors and out, based mostly at my shop in Florence, Mass, but may include some travel to job sites, hardware stores, and material exchange outlets. Interesting opportunity for a retiree, student or green job entry level person, or someone who just wants some extra cash.

Work would include some shop and office management, focused around my work with worm composting and composting toilet installations, agricultural land advocacy.  Possible future work would include trade show booth staffing (Solarfest, Common Ground Fair, NOFA, Bioneers, etc) and regional installation and composting projects. And who knows what else?

Opportunity to learn about vermicomposting, alternative wastewater systems, green building, woodworking and associated tool use.

Pay would be abysmal, but fair. No retirement plan or other benefits except I’d probably buy lunch and coffee a lot. Or, I’d trade you for use of shop space or ???

Successful candidate would have to be patient with a crotchety old fussbudget like me.

Contact Ben Goldberg:  413-586-3699  PO Box 550, Leed, MA 01053                                     E:  Phoenix Composting Toilets; Worm Bins & Vermiculite; Deconstruction & Reuse; Land Stewardship; Artisan Woodworking…

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