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Letter from a reader of G.E.T.  Dated Oct. 27, 2009

< Hi Nancy,

I still have your May 4 issue of Green Energy Times. Thank you for doing this.
I have done a rehab of my 150 year old Fairbanks Cottage (1800 square feet) here in St. J. and am taking many measurements to characterize the improvements in comfort and lower heating costs. Things are going well, personally.

In helping others, I am sponsoring a Button-Up Vermont Workshop towards home heating efficiency for residents and businesses in Caledonia County area.

Jim & Alice Wuertele >

An article about Jim And Alice’s efforts and results (with photos of before and after) at reducing their carbon footprint in both heating and electrical energy consumption will be coming soon in Green Energy Times. They have lowered their electric usage to 2 kWh/day!  (Remember, the average American uses at least 20kWh/day!)

* Green Energy Times sends a huge Hurah! to Jim and Alice for the wonderful steps they have taken and we are proud to have been a catalyst in making it happen!  Keep moving forward.  Now that your usage is so low – you won’t need very many PV panels!

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