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G.E.T. May 4th Edition Update

G.E.T. has been received way beyond expectations. It shows that VT, NH & NY are ready to make the changes to move into energy Independence.

Thank you all for the positive feed-back.  We are still receiving wonderful comments every day.  It is hard to keep them in stock at a number of outlet locations!   We will continue to re-stock them.  If you can’t find us, send me an email at:

OK world, let’s get moving!!

> E versions of GET are available. Contact us to G.E.T. one!

We will be posting links to many of the articles in G.E.T. soon.  They are all great sources to help in our move towards reducing our carbon footprint!

2 comments to G.E.T. May 4th Edition Update

  • Tracy Abbott

    I was wondering if you could send me advertizing rates for Green Energy Times. We are distributors of Trojan batteries and are very interested in advertizing in your paper.
    Thank you,

  • Tracy – I trust you received our advertising ratesheet that we sent to you as a pdf. Please feel free to call with questions or use our email address:
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Nancy Rae

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