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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Idling your Vehicles!

Idling your vehicle emits harmful pollutants, wastes fuel, and contributes to climate change. Many areas have anti-idling laws, generally for health reasons. And most of the “justifications” given for idling are myths. Here are a few facts:
* Idling a car for more than 10 seconds uses MORE fuel than turning the engine off and back on.
* The best way to warm up your car in the winter is to drive it slowly. This warms up the transmission, wheel bearings, and any other moving parts. Idling only warms the engine.
* Idling a cold engine (i.e. just after turning it on in the winter) produces more than twice the normal harmful emissions.
* Excessive idling damages your engine by depositing residues from incomplete combustion.
And remember, as long as you’re idling your fuel economy is ZERO.

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