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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 9 Green Energy News

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Four dams on the lower Snake River in Washington state provide about 4% of the region’s electricity, but they have been responsible for declining salmon populations. The energy they produce could be replaced by a mix of other clean energy sources, such as a mix of wind and solar power, according to a […]

April 8 Green Energy News

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The term “PlusEnergy” was apparently first used by Rolf Disch back in 1994 when designing a private residence for himself now known as “The Heliotrope.” The idea is for a building to produce notably more electricity than it uses via renewable energy technology. It serves its own needs and also becomes a local […]

April 7 Green Energy News

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A cooperative serving four Western states could lose customers because of its dependence on coal. Colorado-based Tri-State Generation & Transmission boasts of having the most solar generation of any generation and transmission company in the US. But its coal-heavy portfolio is and issue with several of the 43 member cooperatives. [Energy News Network] […]

April 6 Green Energy News

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Opinion: “Solar PV and wind are on track to replace all coal, oil and gas within two decades” • Solar PV and wind power are getting cheaper and more abundant so rapidly that they are on track to entirely supplant fossil fuels worldwide within two decades. The political voices saying Australia needs new […]

April 5 Green Energy News

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Internet giant Google Inc announced it has achieved its goal of purchasing enough renewable energy electricity to “match” its entire consumption in 2017. The company purchased an amount of electricity from wind and solar parks that even exceeded the demand of its global operations, including offices and data centers. [Renewables Now]

Google […]

April 4 Green Energy News

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France’s famously beautiful capital is not a place you’d expect to find chickens, beehives, and rows of neatly planted cabbages, but urban farming is flourishing in Paris. The city’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, wanted to make Paris a greener city with green spaces. The plan is to cover a third of those green spaces […]

April 3 Green Energy News

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Danish wind energy company Vestas announced or confirmed four separate North American wind turbine orders totaling 598 MW. Two of the orders were for the 2-MW wind turbines and two for its 3.45-MW turbines optimised to 3.6 MW. The four orders highlight Vestas’ continued dominance in North America across its supply line. [CleanTechnica] […]

April 2 Green Energy News

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JinkoSolar Holdings, the world’s largest solar panel maker, is thought to ship a little over 20% of its product to the US. Now that the US is imposing tariffs on Chinese solar products, Jinko plans to sell products elsewhere. It expects production to increase by about 30% this year to 13,500 MW for […]

April 1 Green Energy News

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Vincent Callebaut Architectures submitted a proposal for a competition for the French city of Angers in a collaboration with Bouygues Immobilier group. The designs focus is on ecology and hospitality. Though the living environment did not win in the competition, the Callebaut scheme succeeded in winning the public vote. [ArchDaily]


According […]

March 31 Green Energy News

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Ohio-based utility giant FirstEnergy wants the DOE to bail out its uneconomic coal and nuclear plants, along with all other ailing plants in the 13-state PJM Interconnection region. They claimed plant closings would threaten grid resilience. Federal regulators and many, many experts agree there is no imminent threat to the electric grid. [Environmental […]